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Daisy Monroe Interview By Captain Jack

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July 23, 2015
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Daisy Monroe Interview By Captain Jack

Daisy Monroe Interview


Captain Jack Interviews Daisy Monroe

Daisy was a self-proclaimed slut who’s move into the porn world was a natural progression. She’s very fun loving with a huge rack. After hearing about the kinkiest thing she’s ever done, I want to party with this girl! We covered a wide range of topics, so enjoy!

Daisy Monroe

Captain Jack: Tell me about Daisy Monroe.

Daisy Monroe: I grew up in a small town in the Midwest in a middle upper class family with a hard working father and an amazing stay at home mom whom I consider one of my best friends with one younger sister (only by 15mo). We were a pretty normal family and very close and open with each other. I was definitely wild at an early age and that’s when I decided the small town wasn’t for me so after graduating high school I moved to California to begin the next chapter of my life.

CJ: How old are you?

Daisy: I’m 24.

CJ: How long have you been in the industry?

Daisy: About 3 weeks. I did my first shoot with Brazzers on the 7th and I did another one for them last Friday.

CJ: How tall are you!

Daisy: We’ll round up. I’m 5 feet.

CJ: You’re a little spinner! How much do you weigh?

Daisy: About 98 pounds.

CJ: You also have an impressive rack. What size are they?

Daisy: 32 DD and definitely not real.

CJ: When did you get them?

Daisy: I got them when I was 18 and I actually got them in high school. I got my boobs done on a Friday and went back to school on Monday.

CJ: Your classmates must have just been drooling over you.

Daisy: I’ve always been super outgoing and I’ve always been slutty. I had no problem showing my boobs before they were done and then after they were done, obviously I took it to the extreme and showed them off as much as I could. It kind of made sense for me to get them done, everyone expected it.

CJ: What were you before?

Daisy: An A. I was pretty small.

Daisy Monroe

CJ: You said you were pretty slutty, when did you lose your virginity?

Daisy: I was 16. I was at a party and there was this guy who was 5 years older than me and super sexy. I decided that it was about time and I decided to lose my virginity to him. And his last name was Sexy.

CJ: Do you know how many guys did you sleep with before porn?

Daisy: I do. I actually keep a list. I have a pretty short term memory so I have to write things down so I remember it. Let’s just say it’s a couple of iPhone scrolls. (laughs)

CJ: Were you with girls before porn?

Daisy: I was. It was definitely all for fun. In junior high and high school, I would make out with girls just for the attention of the guys. As I got older, about 19 or 20, I started dancing and that’s when I started doing more stuff with girls. We did girl on girl stuff on stage and one of my best friends and myself hooked up and it just went from there. I’d say I hooked up with a handful of girls.

CJ: At what age did you learn the power of the pussy?

Daisy: It was in junior high. That’s when I started becoming slutty. I remember going to football games and flashing all the guys in the bleachers. And I realized that a girl really can get what she wants. She just has to offer up a little bit of pussy.

CJ: Have you ever gained anything big because of it?

Daisy: Later on in my life, in my 20s, I definitely had a couple guys pay my rent. I’ve had tribs to Cabo and I went to Canada not too long ago.

CJ: You moved out to California when you were 18. Did you start stripping right away or did you have another job?

Daisy: I actually moved out to California because I wanted to experience life. I packed up everything in a UHaul and my dad and I drove across the country. I enrolled in college and went to school for 2 years. After I graduated college, I fell into the whole party scene in LA. After that, my parents decided I wasn’t doing anything with my degree and they cut me off financially. That’s when I got into dancing.

Daisy Monroe

CJ: How did you go from dancing to porn? That’s still a pretty big step.

Daisy: I fell in love with the whole stripper lifestyle. That was my life for a handful of years and I loved it. It was fun and everything was super exciting. I’ve always wanted to be a sex symbol. When I was younger, I didn’t know the right steps to do that. Recently, I realized if I want to be in porn and be that desirable sex symbol, I need to do it now or I’m going to lose my looks and be too old. It wouldn’t make sense any more. I went on a whim and sent in my pictures to OC and went from there.

CJ: You mentioned the stripper lifestyle. Does that mean a lot of partying and a lot of sex or what?

Daisy: Definitely both. I fell into the stereotypical stripper lifestyle. I had a boyfriend at the time and he did his whole gangster thing and I was a dancer so it’s just like the song, Gangsters and Strippers, that fit our lifestyle.

CJ: Did you pick up customers too?

Daisy: I did but I kept it basically at the club. I would have my regulars come in and only see me at the club. I normally wouldn’t see them outside of work because I had a boyfriend.

CJ: Does your family know what you do?

Daisy: They do. My family is super amazing, we’re super close and they’ve always been really supportive of my choices.

CJ: How did you come up with your stage name?

Daisy: There’s been a couple different names I went by and Daisy seems to fit with the blonde hair and the super girlyness. I have butterfly and flowery tattoos so Daisy seem to fit. Then my agent gave me a list of last names and I chose Monroe which does fit because I like Marilyn Monroe too.

CJ: So what was your first scene like? You were sexually experienced but it’s different with all the cameras there. Were you nervous? Intimidated? Did it come naturally?

Daisy: I was actually waiting for that nervousness to kick in and for me to get that nervous stomach ache right when you’re about to do the drop on the rollercoaster but that feeling never came. The scene was done and I was the happiest girl ever driving home. I honestly never got nervous. The scene was super fun. I loved my first scene and the script and the plot fit me. It was super slutty and such a tease. I ended up cheating on my boyfriend and that’s me! It fit me perfectly! (laughs)

CJ: Who was it with?

Daisy: Xander Corvus. He’s super amazing. He made it really relaxing and comforting. He’s a great performer to work with.

Daisy Monroe

CJ: What’s your favorite position?

Daisy: I definitely like doggie. And I like a rough, pushed up against the wall, tear my clothes off style.

CJ: That leads into my next question, so you like rougher sex?

Daisy: Definitely. No love making. I hate the term ‘love making’. I’m not a love making type of girl, let’s just fuck.

CJ: A popular genre in porn is like the stepdaughter getting with a stepdad and stuff like that. Have you ever been in an inappropriate sexual relationship?

Daisy: Does a married man count? That would be the most inappropriate.

CJ: A lot of the guys in porn are older. Does it ever bother you to work with older men?

Daisy: Definitely not. I’ve never been with any men my own age or younger. I like older men, hands down.

CJ: What’s the oldest guy you’ve been with off camera?

Daisy: Off-camera, I would say mid-50s. (laughs) I actually ended up dating him for a year and a half.

CJ: A lot of girls find it hard to cum on camera especially when they’re new. Girls have to be into mentally and there’s a lot to think about when you first do porn. Do you find it hard to cum on camera?

Daisy: No, I don’t find it hard at all. I remember my first scene with Xander. I’m riding him in cowgirl and he goes, ‘Oh my God! You just squirted on me!’ It took me completely by surprise so, no, I don’t find it disconcerting at all to cum on camera. It’s super easy and obviously you look hot as fuck so it makes you even more confident.

CJ: Is that the first time you squirted or do you squirt in your personal life?

Daisy: It depends. It’s off and on but I can squirt in my personal life.

CJ: How often do you masturbate?

Daisy: I would say a couple times a week.

CJ: Favorite method?

Daisy: Hands and I really like the little pink vibrator. And it has to be pink, it has to be girly.

CJ: Do you watch porn?

Daisy: Yes I do.

CJ: What type of porn?

Daisy: Normally, I watch girl/girl just because it’s sexier and more intimate. Or if I’m not, I like to watch the rough, pull-your-hair type of porn.

CJ: If you want to get a quick one in, do you have any ‘go to’ stars that you watch?

Daisy: I really like Lexi Belle. She’s just so cute. Her hair color has changed but she’s always super cute.

Daisy Monroe

CJ: When a guy pops, where do you prefer it?

Daisy: Definitely my tits.

CJ: Are you going to do anal?

Daisy: That’s kind of a hard question. As of right now, I don’t have plans for anal but you never know. Things always open up and if I find someone that’s comfortable to do anal with, then of course. In my personal life, I’ve tried anal and it hasn’t really been for me but it could have been the guys I chose to do it with. (laughs)

CJ: Do you have any fantasies you would like to live out on camera?

Daisy: I’ve never done the whole stepfather, teacher etc thing in real life but as far as an on camera fantasy scene goes for me definitely something about getting pulled over by a police officer and him having me get out of my car and handcuff me push me against his squad car and fuck me from behind. That’s an on camera fantasy I’d like to live out.

CJ: What do you look for in a guy off camera?

Daisy: I have a weakness for muscles and tattoos.

CJ: What are you like off-camera? What are your hobbies and interests?

Daisy: I’m kind of a homebody. I’m into Netflix. Every once in a while, I like going to UFC fights just because, obviously, the bodies and the tattoos on the guys. (laughs)

CJ: What kind of music do you like?

Daisy: Definitely rock. Marilyn Manson, Tool, that type of stuff.

CJ: Do you have any favorite movies?

Daisy: That’s a hard question. I have so many different movies that I watch. If I could pick a TV show, it would definitely be documentaries. Anything about murders, jail lock-up type of stuff, I’m in.

CJ: What’s your favorite food?

Daisy: Sushi.

CJ: What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done?

Daisy: That probably would have been a few years ago, a few friends of mine, we went to Lake Havasu and got crazy. We had a pussy eating contest and I was lucky enough to be the one that was receiving. They blindfolded me and spread my legs apart and it was between a guy and a girl. I had to keep my eyes shut and they each got two minutes to eat my pussy and I had to pick out who did it the best.

CJ: And who won?

Daisy: The girl.

CJ: So even though you were blindfolded, couldn’t you tell the difference between the two by stubble or by the strength of the tongue?

Daisy: To be honest, we planned it very well. We made sure there wasn’t anything where I could pick the girl, so no. They weren’t able to do a full pussy eating, they just spread my legs and had to focus on the clit. It was so much fun. The guy got mad and tried to say it was rigged. He was just mad that he lost.

CJ: What does the future hold? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Daisy: I definitely want to still be doing porn. I really, really want to get more involved in the industry and shoot with some big name companies. I want to make this my career and a name for myself. I don’t want to just be some bitch that got fucked on camera. I want to make a name for myself and make it stay.

CJ: And how can the fans get ahold of you?

Daisy: Twitter is still a work in progress since I’m brand new but it’s @DaisyXXXMonroe.

Daisy Monroe

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