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How to Please a Woman in Bed

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April 5, 2022

How to Please a Woman in Bed

How To Please Us Women In Bed Sexually (Every Time!)


For whatever reason, it’s all too common for a man to cum while a woman doesn’t. Further, women are more likely to be able to reach orgasm on their own. If you want to make sure we don’t toss you aside for a battery-operated dick, it’s time to start figuring out how to prioritize us women in bed to make sure we’re sexually pleased every single time. (Yes, it is possible!)


The “orgasm gap” is a term to describe the discrepancy between women’s and men’s pleasure, and more specifically, orgasms. In a study from Durex, 61% of men compared to 24% of women orgasm every time they have sex. Depressingly, 83% of women are “content” with how much they are orgasming despite how infrequent it seems to be.


Women (and you) do not need to accept these piss poor numbers. Ultimate pleasure for us comes from both the way you interact both inside and outside the sack, how you are independently and even when there’s other parties at play. While most women don’t orgasm by penetration, there are plenty of other ways to consistently pleasure a woman in bed. I wrote this guide to give you play by play instructions to make sure your girl is always satisfied!

To Pleasure a Woman In Bed, Start Outside The Bedroom

The baseline of making any woman cum starts with you and how you take care of yourself. This will extend to how you care for her inside and outside of the bedroom. Before you’re even thinking about fucking her there are some things to consider. No one wants a dirty, lazy lover!

  1. Hygiene: Get Scrubbed Up!

Good hygiene is the bare minimum, but to us women, this says you know how to take care of yourself and we won’t have to play mommy to you. (Needing your partner to mom you is a huge turnoff and quick route to kill the vibes.)


Beyond simple foundational showering, staying well groomed is a good way to up your hygiene. Keep your fingernails trimmed and clean, especially when you want to touch us. No one wants dirty fingernails near their pussy! Stay on top of oral hygiene by adding a tongue scraper to the routine. Keeping your mouth fresh and knowing you want to put it on us is hot!


Additionally, beyond keeping your body and health in shape, that care and cleanliness should extend to your home and car. Not only is it a great reflection of your care for yourself, if I’m going to be in those spaces (particularly naked), I want them fresh, clean and sexy! You’ll also be more confident when you’re taking care of yourself.

  1. Get To Know Our Deepest Fantasies

The fastest way to know how someone likes to be fucked is to ask them! Curious and caring communication about our likes, dislikes, deepest desires and darkest fantasies, and try to get to know these things both within the context of your relationship and as it pertains to you and for her as an individual independent of you.


Does she like toys? How does she like to use them? Does she like porn? What genre really does it for her? Does she need you to eat pussy to get off? Does she want a threesome? Prioritize knowing her and how pleasure looks for her to create more emotional intimacy as well as give yourself some direction to meeting her needs in a more pleasurable way.

  1. Fire Up The Sexting

A little verbal foreplay can go a long way, but the key here is to stop thinking about yourself for once. Two great places to focus on are what you want to do for her and praising things she does or how she looks. Try to leave out requests and what you want from us for a little.


Treat this like a warm up to foreplay. Use what you learned from your conversations about her fantasies. Subtle enthusiasm and urgency go a long way. “I wish I was laying with you right now,” or “I can’t wait to be laid up with you later.” Later in the convo you can be super direct and say things like, “I can’t wait to eat your pussy” or “Can’t stop thinking about you cumming.”


From there, share all the things you want to do that you know will bring her the most orgasms. Talk about foreplay, how good she tastes and how you can’t wait to simply touch her. We want to know that you crave us! And, sexting is a good way to start.

How To Please Us Women In Bed, Sexually

Now that you’ve made sure you got yourself right and you’ve done a little extra work with her outside of the bedroom, we can get to the good stuff – how to pleasure her in bed, sexually! Often rushed, plan to spend extra time during foreplay for the foreseeable future, but there’s other options to ensure you be the best dick she ever had whether it’s going down on her, getting off together, upping your dirty talk or bringing a toy into the mix, there’s plenty of options to make sure she gets hers first.

  1. Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay!

It’s time to bring back the forgotten arts of making out and fingering. You’re never too old or too experienced to skip first base. It’s also very hot when a man is in control and takes his time. There’s a time and place for that need-to-have-you-right-now sex, but otherwise, you just come off as thirsty and inexperienced.


Starting with simply kissing and touching, it’s important to consider the erogenous zones as well as know where and how your partner likes to be kissed and touched (which you should’ve found out when you talked to her about it). Make her desperate for it by touching and licking around her pussy before going straight for the clit and before you try to put your dick in her. Make it slow. Make it sensual. Make her want it.


If you think you’ve had enough, go back and do more. Bring back the art of finger-banging! Ideally, you get her nearly to the point of climax during foreplay alone. Bonus points if you can get us to cum before we even start to fuck!

  1. Get Off Together

Masturbating together is hot! It’s letting someone else have a front row seat to something you both typically do solo. Eye contact is crucial here and will get her wet without even touching her. You can even touch each other a little while you each stroke yourself.


Most importantly, take notes! Watching how she flicks her bean or uses a dildo on herself is like a guidebook to how she wants you to fuck her. Take notes!

  1. Bring In The Dirty Talk

It depends on what your partner likes, but the best dirty talk is encouraging her to climax. Have her guide you by verbally opening the door for her to lead. Praise and compliment her. This can start during foreplay, you should definitely do it while you masturbate together, and it can go all the through your own post-nut clarity.


Tell her how hot she is, how good she feels and how excited you are to please her. Whisper freaky shit in her ear while you rail her. Talk to her about the reasons you like each of her holes and why. Be the filthy little pervert of our dreams.

  1. Pleasure Her With Toys

As not all women climax through penetration, adding a toy to the mix can help ensure she cums every time you have sex. Options that stimulate the clit while you’re inside of her are the way to go, but butt plugs are fun too. This can look like a small silicone vibrator, a clit “sucking” vibrator or you can make it fun for both of you with a vibrating cock ring. Make sure to have water-based lube on hand to keep things extra wet, and with any monster sized toys, proceed slowly. If her, her pussy or her butthole isn’t relaxed, your foreplay didn’t do the job. Get back to work.

  1. Be Selfless And Go Down On Her

Going down on your girl should never be a question. It’s not only for special occasions, hotel sex or vacation sex. Eating pussy should be an enthusiastic, every session occurrence especially if you plan on making sure she cums every single time.


Eat pussy like a pro before you have sex, pull out and do it during and don’t hesitate to make sure she gets off by doing it after you blow your load.

How To Eat Pussy Like A Pro

You should be putting as much effort into making her cum while eating pussy as you do to getting yourself to climax, and there’s a bunch of ways to mix things up and keep it exciting for both of you. Here’s my tips to putting your face in it!


  1. Use Your Hands

There’s the obvious ways to use your hands while going downtown like spreading the labia for better access to her clit, fingering her while you have your mouth on the clit and applying pressure (there’s some great tips in this video). The shaft of her clit is the same as the shaft of your cock. Rather than going about the clit like a button, you should approach it like your shaft by grabbing or pinching the width of her pussy, you can gently pull it away from the body, roll the whole thing between your two fingers or mimic a jerking off motion to stimulate it. To really make her hot, let her see you lick her wetness off your fingers.


However, using your hands also includes caressing other parts of her body like her thighs, titties, hips, legs and feet for all over body sensations.


  1. Use Toys 

A small toy meant to stimulate her G-spot is a great sidekick for you to use while eating her pussy. It may not be for everyone, but you have options. There’s both vibrating and non-vibrating wands to hit her G-spot while you focus on the clit.


When she’s on her back, using a non-vibrating toy (or multiple fingers), rather than jabbing it in, you want to press down and apply pressure downward while you push it in and massage her insides side to side. Multitasking is a must while you’re going down. It keeps it interesting for both of you.


  1. Do It In Different Positions 

Sure, there’s the obvious with her laying on her back and your ears in between her thighs, but this is an opportunity to really show you know your way around eating pussy. Let her sit on your face, eat it from the back like she’s in doggystyle position, eat her from the side or put her in a position of power and 69. You’ll be able to access the clit from all different angles and see what works best. Or, keep them in rotation to spice it up.


  1. Listen And Observe

Lastly, and arguably most importantly, listen and observe. You should absolutely be getting clues from both her and her body. Whether it’s moaning, verbal confirmation, heavy breathing, facial expression or actually being able to see her body respond by getting wetter, pay attention and follow the clues to getting her off. And most importantly, never change the stroke when she’s about to cum!

How To Satisfy A Woman In Bed Emotionally

Satisfying a woman emotionally is the difference between always pleasuring her and somehow managing to feel distant during sex. Show that you are conscious of us and want to connect to by making eye contact throughout, ask for permission or consent when doing new things, hold hands and make sure there’s a lot of kissing. We want to feel like the only one you want to touch, tickle and lick!


Part of connecting emotionally is also sharing your own feelings. Consider aftercare, or the time spent directly following sex. You can cuddle, get her something to clean up if necessary, get you both some water or talk to her about how good it is to see and feel the pleasure ooze out of her. (Hopefully literally.)

Fulfill Her Threesome Fantasy With A Cam Girl

Three isn’t always a crowd; three can actually triple the pleasure. Getting to the point of deciding you and your girl may be interested in a threesome is just the beginning of the process. There’s finding a third, figuring out if you have chemistry, accommodations for safe sex and setting boundaries, and that’s before any fucking actually happens.


An easy and safe way to fulfill the threesome fantasy is bringing a cam girl into the mix. You’ll be able to take your time looking at profiles together to find the fantasy girl of both your dreams and tailor your experience with a pro while also avoiding any potential jealousy from in-person contact.


You’ll be able to have this experience with multiple cam girls without risking any unsafe sex with someone you meet in person, and it’s a great way to practice for the real thing!

Best Way To Please A Woman In Bed? Make It About Us

Ultimately, the best way to pleasure her in bed is to make it about her. Can you find pleasure in getting her off? Even better. We all know you’re gonna bust a nut, so put the focus on her physically, mentally and emotionally.


And, you can really put the focus on her by bringing a cam girl into the bedroom to also shower her with attention and praise. Every person’s desires are unique and having better sex and trying new things simply takes genuine communication and practice, and a cam girl is a great way to make sure you’re both cumming nonstop. Fucking should be fun!

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